Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways

A Competitive, Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture Sector

Bula vinaka & welcome to the Ministry of Agriculture Website!

The overall mandate for the Ministry of Agriculture is to provide food and nutrition security, income and employment to support broad-based economic sector growth.

The Ministry is aligned to relevant outcomes identified in Government’s 5 and 20 year National Development Plan, MOA’s 5 year Strategic Development Plan (2019-23), People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress (PCCPP), Green Growth, National Climate Change Policy and National Adaptation Plans.

Through this website, we aim to bridge the information gap and strengthen our service deliveries to our Internal and External Customers that we serve.

Our Services


  • Agricultural development in all its facets.
  • Consulting services in livestock production.
  • Consulting services in agriculture development.
  • Consulting services in veterinary services.


  • Techniques for increasing yield.
  • Varieties providing correct market features.
  • Varieties providing extended seasons – wherever for year round production.
  • Pasture improvements.

Information and Training Services

  • Research publications for improved livestock and crop performance.
  • Market development of agricultural produce.
  • Education and training of Agricultural Technology.
  • Pathology and veterinary of health maintenance in livestock.
  • Licensing, compliance and monitoring of pesticide use.
  • Licensing and compliance for exports and imports to ensure border security.


  • Pathology services.
  • Veterinary services.
  • Chemical analytical services.
  • Agricultural Tribunal Legal judgment.
  • Consulting services on all aspects of agro-business.
  • Licensing, compliance and monitoring of dog licensing and control.
  • Portfolio Leadership, Policy Advice and Secretarial Support to all stakeholders and Government.

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