Ministry Divisions

The Ministry of Agriculture has the national responsibility for the enhancement of food production and income security through agricultural sector growth.

Within the Ministry, capital programmes are implemented by the divisions to address the following thematic areas:

Food security through the provision of Extension and Research Services both livestock and crops;

Quick economic recovery through the implementation of the Demand Driven Approach Programme (DDA) and other commodity projects;

Poverty alleviation by building capacity of farmers to increase production; and

Sustainable management of natural resources through sustainable land management practices.

The five implementing divisions of the Ministry are Human Resources Finance & Information, Economic Planning & Statistics, Crop Extension, Animal Health & Production, and Crop Research. The roles of the each of the divisions is outlined as follows :

Human Resources, Finance & Information

Formulate and review current organizational structure and implement public service reforms (Civil Service, Financial and Public Service Reforms).

Implement best practices in managing human resources and effective delivery of service.

Promote and enhance the upholding of public service values and code of conduct.

Develop and maintain a professional and highly qualified workforce.

Formulate and develop a human resource plan framework for the Ministry.

Implement an effective training program relevant to the Ministry’s function.

Ensure good governance in the administration and deployment of financial and other resources.

Collate an effective asset management system for the Ministry.

Ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all staff in the Ministry.

To provide exclusive media coverage on Agriculture promotion activities, provide information to farmers, stakeholders and the public and improve the Ministry’s image through prompt responses to queries about the Ministry’s activities and services;

Provide easy access to accurate, timely and useful information to the Ministry and other stakeholders.

Economic Planning & Statistics

Set the vision and direction for the Ministry of Agriculture and the agriculture sector in Fiji.

Formulate the agricultural sectors development policies in an appropriate strategy and subsequent programs in accordance with the Government’s strategic plan.

Conduct research on marketing opportunities and facilitate the marketing of private sector agriculture produce both locally and abroad.

Assess the impact of international trade regimes on the agriculture sector.

Establish and enhance effective and sustainable linkages with external organizations including global donor agencies at bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral levels.

Collate, compile and analyze agricultural statistics to assist in the formulation of policies.

Analyze policy options and assess its impact on the agriculture sector.

Assist in the identification, preparation, monitoring and evaluation of all agricultural projects in Fiji.

Coordinate the Ministry’s annual budget emphasis on the capital expenditure on quarterly basis.

Coordinate and facilitate the training of staff in marketing, project planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and report writing.

Ensure the effective implementation of sustainability of donor funded projects with MoA and enhance and facilitate the development of agriculture private and sector and agri-businesses.

Improve the performance of MoA capital programs by providing quality and timely monitoring and evaluation services, knowledge collection and sharing that support planned progress, transparency and accountability.

Crop Extension Division

To extend proven information from Researchers to Farmers (Technology Transfer) to assist and enhance the transitioning of farm¬ers from subsistence level to semi-commercial and commercial level and also provide feedbacks from farmers to the Researchers.

Train and prepare farm programs to assist production for export.

Facilitate farmer trainings.

Provision of technical advice to farmers.

Conduct training on farm management practices.

Prepare and conduct training on farm business plan.

Identify potential agriculture projects.

Prepare agriculture project plan.

Facilitate the implementation of agricultural project.

Monitoring of agriculture projects.

Animal Health & Production Division

To ensure that the Government is provided with high quality policy advice on livestock issues and the resources on which they depend.

To formulate specific livestock sectoral policies and develop programmes aimed at promoting the sustainable development of livestock industries for potential exports.

To be strategic and consultative when providing advisory services that will ensure efficient production enhancing food and income security.

To promote and facilitate jointly funded Government/Private sector market focused livestock research and development programmes leading to the development of cost-effective technology.

To attract greater investment into cost – effective value adding and vertically integrated livestock related activities and associated infrastructure development.

Crop Research Division

Complement and support the Ministry of Agriculture, through innovation of new technologies and its transfer to suit the need of farmers, the clients and the stakeholders for the enhancement of the agriculture sector.

Facilitate scientific, technical and professional support services for agriculture development.

Conserve and manage plant genetic resources.

Develop adaptable and affordable technologies.

Facilitate pest and disease management.

Provision of analytical, diagnostic and regulatory services.

Product development and value addition and provision of technical support services and appropriate information dissemination to stakeholders.