Sotutu Youths Back Home Gardening

Picture: Divisional Manager Community Policing (Southern Division) Pio Sovalevu (left) receiving the seeds on behalf of the Sotutu youth group.

The Home Gardening initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture has enabled the Sotutu Youth group of Nabua to further engage in agricultural activities.

Sotutu Youth President Neori Buli said the provision of seeds will assist the youth to engage in constructive activities. 

"We have a total of 30 youths in the group and all vary from primary, early, and mid-secondary school students to school leavers," he said. 

The Sotutu youth group has communally been working together in the development of a piece of land in Nabua for agriculture purposes. 

"Some are committed to this idea that we have initiated while others are still into peer pressure, there have been crop thefts and all other kinds of activities within the area," he said. 

"We want them to come and be part of the program so that they, in turn, can help to feed their families and this can also minimize the theft of crops and vegetables we have planted." 

"As a youth group located in the urban area, there are positive impacts we can create in our lives and we can also find solutions to problems challenging our youths - farming is one of them," he said. 

Neori Buli is grateful for the assistance provided by the Ministry of Agriculture through the seeds.

"Some here have been laid off from their jobs, and are without work, we are grateful that we've been given these seeds for home vegetable supply as it will supplement the group's existing initiative of crop farming," he said. 

"We're also very keen to participate in other agriculture programs provided by the Ministry of Agriculture because that will assist us to grow as a youth group determined to bring change to our community." 

Divisional Manager Community Policing (Southern Division) Pio Sovalevu who received the seeds on behalf of the group said it would greatly benefit the youth group and the 28 households in the area. 

"We have seen a turning point in the Sotutu youth group as they have started land preparation on a crown reserve land opposite our road and they are working together daily, fostering teamwork and unity as they grow." 

With the increased crime rate in the area, Mr. Pio Sovalevu said, "This is something that will divert their attention away from peer pressure, and help them commit to something that will benefit not only them but their families as well during this pandemic, the ensuing lock-down, and curfew in place."