Rice Farm Group Receive Power Tiller

October 1, 2020

Picture: Minister for Agriculture Waterways and Environment the Hon  Dr Mahendra Reddy hands over a power tiller to the Solove Daku Combined Rice Farmers Group in Seaqaqa.

A rice farm group in Seaqaqa, Macuata have expressed their gratitude to Government for the handover of a power tiller on Thursday (1.10.20) to them boosting morale to increase production.

Solove Daku Combined Rice Farmers Group Treasurer, Mr Vinod Kumar, 50yrs, said his group comprising 18 farmers, was very lucky to be chosen to receive the assistance when there were many similar groups also asking for help.

“Last year we received a machine that de-husked the rice grain and today we have been given this power tiller,” he said.

The third-generation farmer said between his group, members planted a total of about 60 acres of rice and the assistance given by Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment, the Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy would certainly motivate them to increase their production of the remaining 10 acres.

In handing over the power tiller to the Group, Dr Reddy urged the farmers to take good care of the machine and ensured that it was well looked after.

“This machine can last 15 to 16 years but it depends on how you look after it,” he said.

“Be strict on how people should be handling it. Please look after it like it’s your own personal property.”

The Minister said there were many other groups that wanted the power tiller, however upon careful assessment, Solove Daku Combined Rice Farmers was chosen as the most deserving.

“You received this power tiller today because you earned it and because you worked hard for it,” he said.

The Hon. Minister ended his Northern Tour with this power tiller hand over. He had started on his three-day tour on Tuesday (29.8.20) with visits to farming communities including Nawailevu Village, Raviravi Village, Dreketi, and Naividamu Village.