Fiji Agro Marketing promotes gender equality and diversity

October 2, 2020

Picture : Sandhya Singh  - Human Resource Manager Ateca  Nauluvula  Quality Assurance Manager Sereana Lalakobau  Financial Controller Vera Wedlock  Business Marketi

Fiji Agro Marketing has, since its establishment in 2004, made great progress through stronger support for gender diversity in its workplace. 

For the first time in its history, Fiji Agro Marketing has a strong representation of women in its Executive Management team, whereby 67% are women. Fiji Agro Marketing has always had strong women representation due to the high number of women working as part of its back-end team and for the first time now, this has also been reflected in the make up of the organisation's Executive Management Team as well.

Fiji Agro Marketing recognises that women play an important role in daily decision making. Hence, with the inclusion of women in leadership positions, Fiji Agro Marketing believes it will allow for different viewpoints and will create a driven and fairer environment for its workers to promote inclusiveness and healthy competition in the organisation’s overall leadership and strategic direction. 

Four out of the five ladies that are represented in leadership roles have come from the Corporate Sector and bring to the organisation a diverse range of experience which presents an ideal opportunity for the Authority to foster mentorship and coaching culture that will break the barrier of gender disparity in organisations. 

The involvement of women in leadership roles will create a diverse workforce that will naturally lead to a more diverse culture and is more likely to thrive with the promotion of fairness and inclusiveness. 

The Authority has also seen that our local women must get the experience that is needed to be ready for management roles as well as opportunities to raise their profile so they can recognize and capitalise on their full potential. One of the women represented in our Executive management team, Ateca Nauluvula has been with the Authority for six years and has recently been promoted to a leadership role, serving as the Quality Assurance Manager. The knowledge and experience she has acquired over the years will play an important role in the delivery of the Authority’s services to the farmers and the products that are processed at the AMA’s warehouse.  Within this short timeframe, she has reflected good leadership qualities and has been moulded through mentoring by her peers. 

The Authority will continue to invest and support efforts to hire and promote diverse competent candidates going forward.