AMA receives HACCP Reaccreditation

December 24, 2020

Picture : AMA staff packing chillies

The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) trading as Fiji Agro Marketing has received reaccreditation of the internal Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard this year. Fiji Agro Marketing got HACCP accreditated for the first time in early 2020, following an audit done in late 2019.

The Food Operations HACCP Certified trademark aims to achieve the highest standard of food safety and quality outcomes across the food industry through: 

Auditing - Independent audits, improving confidence in food safety and HACCP systems,

Training - Providing the foundation for the development of a food safety system,

Certification - Providing confidence for shareholders, managers, and customers, and

Re-Certification - audits will be conducted under the requirements of the nominated standards.

HACCP Australia identifies and manages hazards, reduces the risks of food contamination events through the development, implementation, and ongoing operation of comprehensive HACCP based Food Safety Programmes. 

Apiame Cegumalua, Project Manager, HACCP Australia Fiji Limited observed that there has been a marked improvement in the cleanliness and tidiness of the factory and good changes noted on renovations and upgrading of the restaurant, packing room for frozen root crops and vegetable processing and kava processing.

“There are significant positive changes to the lighting, processes, and hygiene within the Nausori warehouse and huge improvements have been noted in the processing area for the root crops. 

“It is encouraging to note that the role of the Food Safety/Quality Assurance Team is now separated from the production activities and the HACCP Team members are now solely responsible for monitoring Hygienic practices and ensuring all operations are practicing good safety and quality standards,” she added.

Ms. Cegumalua noted that the team was very well supported by CEO Alvin Sharma who was very proactive and ensured that all non-compliance issues raised were dealt with immediately, as these were very encouraging signs. 

The evidence of this support for safety and quality is shown through the improvement in the facilities, the implementation of standards, the excellent filing of records, and the amendment of procedures and policies to suit the current requirement and operations of AMA. The company has done very well in implementing the HACCP standard as compared to the previous year's audit. The separation of roles from production to safety policing by the CEO has made quite an impact on the current standard of the operations now.

Alvin Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of the Fiji Agro Marketing has attributed this huge turnaround to the excellent efforts of the team at the AMA. 

“The team at the AMA is now driven to practise continuous quality improvement processes where we continuously strive to be better today than what we were yesterday. I would also like to make a special recognition to Ateca Nauluvula, our Quality Assurance Manager, and her QA team. They along with all the relevant Supervisors deserve a special mention for the tireless efforts. 

“The AMA Board has also expressed its appreciation and congratulations to the entire AMA team in attaining this recognition and getting recognised for the various improvements which have been made this year,” said Mr. Sharma. 

“We will now continue this process and progressively go for more such international accreditation and recognition,” he added.