Minister Reddy urges Nadogo Landowners to Utilise Land

February 27, 2022

Landowners in Nadogo were urged to utilize their land for farming practices rather than leaving it idle and unutilised.

Minister Reddy made this statement while handing over farm machinery to Kilikoso farmers.

The people of Nadogo had a lot of land and most of it is not utilised. The expiry of leases has also seen a lot of ideal agricultural land for rice and other crops lying idle.

Minister Reddy stated that idle land doesn’t benefit any party and is a cost to the nation.

“If it was utilized, the farmers, labourers, households, business sector, landowners and country would be able to get a return,” he said.

We cannot outsource security of our critical food commodities to outside countries and suppliers. We also need to save an average of $42m annually which is now spent on rice import bill.

Nadogo is known to have available resources that are conducive for large scale farming and production figures could increase if farmers fully utilized their resources and implemented sound farming practices.

I have spoken to Landowners and they are keen to give their land but find ITLTB very slow in processing the leases.