Women of Ba Encouraged To Take Up Floriculture As A Business

June 23, 2022

Participants of a recent three-day flower arrangement training organized by the Ministry of Agriculture are being encouraged to continue on from the training and to actively participate in floriculture.


This was imparted to the 77 women who were part of the floriculture training in Nailaga, Ba by the Assistant Minister for Agriculture Hon. Viam Pillay during the closing of the training which aims to impart skills to participants to assist them in improving their livelihoods.


“Some participants see floriculture as part of their socially obligated role along with home beautification but if nurtured well, floriculture will provide a reliable source of employment to support families and communities with a stable source of income,” he said.


Women are obligated to arrange flowers for church services and other occasions such as weddings, burials and small community and family occasions and this training under the floriculture program of the Ministry empowers women to fully develop their potential.


The three-day training has equipped the women of Ba with basic flower arrangement knowledge, understanding of the factors affecting the design and understanding of basic floral designs.


“There aren’t enough employment opportunities for women in the rural sector however your participation in this floriculture training will unleash your potential and help support your potential for floral arrangements or help you become décor entrepreneurs,” said Hon Pillay.


The 2020 Fiji Agriculture Census (FAC) recorded a total of 11,971 females engaged in either Crop or Livestock farming as their primary or secondary occupation.


Moreover, the women participants were challenged to utilize assistance by the Ministry of Agriculture for women to expand their agricultural activities, particularly if they were interested in floriculture.  


The Ministry of Agriculture has assisted more than 6,000 women under the “Women in Agriculture” programme from 2006 to 2021.


The assistance provided has been in terms of training, provision of planting materials, infrastructure and small farming equipment.


In addition, the Ministry is currently working towards implementing its recently launched Agriculture Gender Policy in the agriculture subsectors to provide access to agriculture services and goods to women to reduce inequality in the agriculture sector.


Ba participant Tarusila Nainoca who arranges for the church said she is grateful that a training to develop the potential of women was held and the skills she has acquired will allow her to better her arrangement in social functions.


Rita Devi from Lautoka whose hobby is floriculture said it will now benefit her as she will do flower arrangements for both her hobby and business.  


The Ministry of Agriculture in the 2021/2022 financial year has allocated $200,000.00 to assist women entrepreneurs to start or expand their cottage industries.