Minister Reddy Congratulates Kavanagasau Farmer

June 24, 2022

Kavanagasau farmer, Sanjay Kumar has received praise for treating his farming as a business after fully funding the construction of a borehole at his farm.

While commissioning the borehole yesterday at Yalasa, Kavanagasau in Sigatoka yesterday, Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy commended Mr Kumar for his efforts in investing in his own farm, an act which has been strongly advocated by Minister Reddy throughout these past three years.

“I want to thank Sanjay for taking the lead and investing in his own farm by doing the works on his borehole for his farm. Sanjay's borehole is an investment in his farm and he is treating his farm as a business.

“And that is what we want for farmers in Fiji, to treat their farms as a business which means farmers will do their particular activity for the market to create surplus and that surplus will have three components,” he said.

“The first part of the surplus will go towards his house expenses and the second component of the surplus will be saved while the third component of his surplus will be reinvested back into his farm,” said Hon. Reddy.

“That’s the key attribute of a commercial venture and business which is to grow for the market and the surplus is reinvested in the farm,” he added.

“So I want to thank Sanjay for making that important critical investment which will see a major increase in production and productivity,” Hon. Reddy shared.

Meanwhile, Minister Reddy has also acknowledged farmers of Kavanagasau for their gradual shift towards non-sugar agriculture thanking them for their efforts in contributing to the sector’s growth and development which has been evidenced through a rise in the sector’s export earnings.

The Ministry of Agriculture assisted Mr Kumar to construct his borehole by providing technical advice and assigning equipment to help him locate and build the borehole.