Farmers Contribution to National Development Applauded

October 11, 2022

Farmers in Vanua Levu and throughout the country are being commended for their contribution to securing the nation's food security, particularly during some of the most trying times in recent history. 

Additionally, farmers were acknowledged for going above and beyond their national duty during natural disasters in the wake of climate change-induced natural phenomena such as prolonged droughts, floods, severe tropical cyclones, and the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Minister for Agriculture Hon Dr. Mahendra Reddy showed his appreciation to farmers while handing over portable rice mills today to rice farming clusters in Vanua Levu, whereby he acknowledged their perseverance and sacrifices made to raise their production levels.

"I want to thank all farmers throughout the country for rising to the challenge that was brought by external shocks to the sector, like COVID-19 and other natural disasters, with respect to securing our food and nutrition security. All farmers rose to the occasion and ensured that all households in the country were secure with respect to the food available to them. "

"After a series of two successive tropical cyclones, namely Ana and Yasa, there was a major shortage of vegetables here in Vanua Levu in the market and we had gone to the extent where we had to bring in vegetables from Suva to meet the demands in the North, but we mobilized ourselves and distributed seed packs to farmers to normalize the supply of vegetables here." "That is just an example of farmers' guile to meet the demands of Fiji's households," said Minister Reddy.

"I want to really applaud you, farmers, for rising to the occasion and meeting your national duty of ensuring we have good quality food available on our tables." 

He added that the farmers' role in the economy was to provide the basic necessities needed to feed the nation, and it was in the national interest that farmers receive the best possible support to ensure this role was carried out sufficiently.

Portable rice mills were distributed to Koronasau Rice Farmers Cluster in Tabucola, Vuniqari Rice Farmers Cluster in Wailevu, Tabia Highway Rice Farmers Cluster, Natua, Solove Rice Farmers Cluster and Lalakoro Rice Farmers Cluster in Solove and Korokalou Rice Farmers Cluster and Vunimako Farmers Cluster in Rokosalase in Seaqaqa.