Integrated Approach the Way Forward

December 22, 2022

More than 40 government officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development, and the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs recently attended a week-long Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation Training. 


In his closing remarks, the Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Dr Vinesh Kumar stressed that there is a need to have an open mind in setting up networks within and externally. 


“I would like to encourage you to work closely with each other and work towards a common objective to assist all our stakeholders, farmers and villagers, which is our duty-bound role and responsibility,” he said. 


He said the three ministries serve the same communities in the rural and maritime areas in terms of development, traditional welfare, and the country’s food and nutrition security issues.  


Dr Kumar believes that the officials from the three ministries have learned a lot from the training and will assist in its implementation respectively. 


The Permanent Secretary for iTaukei Affairs Mr Pita Tagicakirewa reiterated that there is a need to have an integrated approach in which things are being done. 


“I would like to thank you and at the same time urge you all to have a holistic approach in executing your roles for the benefit of the communities we serve,” he said. 


“You are the agents of change in your respective field of work and collating important data and statistics will assist in a policy being formulated for the communities and grass root people we serve,” said Mr. Tagicakirewa.