Staff to excel beyond challenge

January 6, 2023

The welcoming ceremony of the Minister for Agriculture and Waterways Hon. Vatimi Rayalu came with stern and knowledgeable advice for the staff to excel beyond the challenge.  

Speaking to the staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways at the Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters in Raiwaqa, he thanked them for their contribution to the agriculture sector over the years.  

With a total of 78 stations and more than 1000 employees, the Hon. Minister encouraged staff to leave politics to politicians, work as a team and carry on with core responsibilities.  

“Learn to speak your mind and think outside the box for changes to the Ministry. It will be a tough journey but with commitment and extra effort we will lift the agriculture sector,” he said.  

With changes expected to be implemented in the Ministry, he reminded the staff of the government’s aim in recognizing the freedom of each individual.  

“Help each other, work as a team, lift the morale of your teammates, don’t be a cause of friction or discernment in our team, and encourage each other,” said the Hon. Minister.  

In addition, he reminded the Ministry leaders and management to look after each staff under their leadership with zero tolerance for oppressive and bullying towards staff.  

“Thank you for your service to the people of Fiji, and all the effort you have given prior to the new government, much appreciate your effort in holding the agriculture sector together. Thank you, leaders and supervisors for leading over the years,” he said.  

He reminded the leaders to look after their staff in terms of resources and the type of leadership they need and the direction the Ministry needs to take.  

With the country depending on the agriculture sector for the growth of the economy and the expectation of changes in the Ministry, the Ministry of Agriculture is set for a better future.     

Hon. Vatimi urged all staff to work together to make the agriculture sector thrive and contribute to the success of the country.  

The Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Dr Vinesh Kumar on behalf of the Ministry staff has reassured the support and commitment of the staff of the Ministry to work with the government of the day to serve every Fijian.

Dr. Kumar said that he looks forward to the guidance and leadership of the Hon. Minister in serving the Fijian farmers and the agriculture sector better.