May 24, 2024

Great news for 34 dairy farms in Naitasiri, as carting milk cans on their backs and wheelbarrows to the roadside will soon become a thing of the past.
Road works have now started in Lutu Dairy and the first phase has been made possible under the Dairy Extension Program of the Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways.
The Fiji Cooperative Dairy Company Limited have also facilitated works under their Dairy Development Government Grant and will work with the Ministry to provide support throughout the whole exercise.
The impact of this assistance will surely improve milk quality, improve transportation and also improve farm efficiency in terms of operation and productivity.
Farms chosen to receive the assistance were prioritised to dairy farms that are in dire need for road improvement works.
Upgrading of roads is now underway and it is also expected that the remaining dairy farm roads will shortly be covered within the next two to three weeks.
The Ministry is working around the clock to ensure that dairy farms will continue to thrive and contribute positively to the industry.