Ra farmers received yaqona cuttings

July 23, 2020

Picture : Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy,Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Mr. Ritesh Dass,Senior Official for Agriculture with Farmers from Ra with there Yaqona Cuttings which they received from the Ministry.

Twenty-five yaqona farmers of Ra received 100 yaqona cuttings from the Ministry of Agriculture to assist them in kava production.

The Minister for Agriculture Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy while handing the yaqona cuttings to the farmers of Ra yesterday said the assistance was to be used to increase kava production, improve the livelihood of the farmers, the economy and trade.

Hon. Reddy reiterated the message by the Minister for Economy during the budget announcement that agriculture will be a very important sector in Fiji’s growth and development.

“We need to work together and get the agriculture sector moving because no matter what happens, agriculture is our hope; business as usual and status quo is not an option,” said Hon. Reddy.

Hon. Reddy urged farmers to double their efforts and increase the output in the next financial year and that will be achieved by working with the farmers.

“I want to see agriculture exports - products and commodities both double in the next financial year and we can only do that, with you; that is why we will continue to work with you, support you, and give you technical advice so you can put your land to full use,” said Hon. Reddy.

Farmers were also informed to utilize the vacant land and venture into other crops such as rice, duruka, dalo, cassava, bongo chilly and corn and Agricultural Marketing Authority will buy from them.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the Ra farmers, Mr. Senivalati Nasomea of Savulotu, Nakuilava, Ra thanked the Ministry of Agriculture for the technical support and advisory including the supply of yaqona cutting.

“I am very thankful to Minister Hon. Reddy for his support for us yaqona farmers, this is what we want and I believe this will benefit the farmers in the long run,” said Mr. Nasomea.